Project Description

Our ambition here was to create a 21st century pleasure garden, as a weekend retreat for a London family.  We have produced a cohesive master-plan that breaths new life into the garden.  Enhancing the best features, improving the flow around the house and extending the interest further into the garden with new destinations.

In a radical design we re-routed the drive, re-located the parking, pump house and tennis courts to the West border.  This allowed for the creation of an enclosed garden outside the front door linking the arrival area, pool, tennis court, parking and entrances with beautiful planting.

The terrace has been re-defined & the views enhanced.  The pool area hard landscaping was up-graded and a stepped path cut through the planting to link the pool, to a secret shaded deck by the pond.  Native trees are added throughout the meadows to create distinct areas and the meadows enlivened with sweeps of bulbs and wild-flowers.

Three new destinations have been added, for quiet places to retreat and enjoy shade, sunrise and sunset.  Lighting starts at the house and gently fades away to reveal the night sky.

A wonderful home where the garden has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts.